Do we get a wagon ride?  Due to Covid-19, we may not be able use our wagon in 2021.

Are children allowed in the fields?  YOU BET! We ask that families stay together and practice social distancing while at the farm.

Do I need to come the first couple days to get big berries? NO! We plant numerous varieties that ripen over the course of the season.

How long is your season?  We are usually open from Mid-June until Early-July for Strawberries.

Will you be selling at farmer's markets?  Probably not.  We will have pre-pick available on site daily around 10 am - we suggest pre-buying online to ensure you have berries saved for you when you arrive at the farm. You can purchase at this link or check our Facebook page for more pre-pick berry details.

Do I need my own containers?  No. This year, to help us stay in compliance with COVID-19 procedures, we will provide you a brand new bucket or a picking flat for you to keep and take home.

What happens during/after rain?  Our plants and rows are bedded in straw.  The chances of mud are small, but it could be wet.  We will quit picking if it starts lightning.

Do you take checks or credit cards?  We prefer cash, but are able to accept local checks, credit cards or Venmo payments. 

Can we bring our dog to the farm?  As much as we love dogs and all family pets, we cannot allow furry friends to visit the farm. 


We strive to grow healthy nutritious fruit without bathing our crops in chemicals.

Are we certified Organic?  No.

Do we hand weed our patch? Yes.

Will we use a chemical if faced with complete crop loss?  Yes.

Do we use cover crops? Yes.

What kinds of fertilizer do you use?  Granular and Manure.

How often do you irrigate?  Just enough to keep plants healthy.

Do you follow soil test recommendations for fertilizer?  Yes.


Looking for more information on organic vs. conventional farming?

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