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About  the 2021 Season

Hey Folks –


Strawberry season is upon us!  What a couple of years eh?  Just when you thought you’d seen it all with 2020, the current year throws another set of knuckleballs!   We are so excited to see you all out at the patch once again.  It’s been a nail biter of a spring, and so far a wicked hot summer. 


We need to explain our pricing for 2021.  Last season (2020) we lost nearly 50% of our production to winter kill, hail and then a 5 inch rain event one summer night.  2020 really set us back, but being the optimistic farmers we are, we trudged forward.  Going into winter, our plants looked terrific and our bud set was as good as we could hope for.  We went back to hand bedding our plants with small squares of straw last fall, mainly because it is so uniform and covers the plants so perfectly.  Well.  Regardless of all these positives, winter still did its thing and took a good chunk of our plants.  The next hurdle was a very early warm-up, which meant we needed to remove the straw or risk smothering the now growing plants.  As you know, mother nature decided to throw us back into the throngs of winter just a week later and wreak some more havoc on our dear plants. 


Summer came again, but now, just as our blossoms started popping, 3 nights of freezing temperatures threatened our fragile blossoms.  We did diligently frost protect all night, watering non-stop and letting the ice build on the blossoms to protect them.  Unfortunately, even with the water protection, nearly 3 hours of 27 degree temps still ended up killing nearly 30-40% of our blossoms.  The last straw in our growing season is the current heat streak we are in the midst of.   Strawberries, unfortunately, don’t do well in superheat situations.  We have been watering diligently and we have coaxed every possible blossom into producing the magical fruit we all know and love. 


This brings us to our prices.  The culmination of all these events has meant our crop is realistically going to be 40-50% of normal.  We do want to continue to grow and provide this delicious juicy berry to our area, but our efforts need to also make financial sense.  This very long winded explanation culminates with us telling you our prices for 2021 have to go up about 10%.  We do not want people to think we are simply raising our prices to take advantage of our awesome customers.  We need you to know that if we can get back to normal production someday, we will most definitely try to ratchet the prices back down.  For now, we need to maximize whatever returns on the product we have. 


Thank you for your continued business and understanding.  We look forward to seeing each and every one of you, and hope your families enjoy themselves every second they are out here at the farm.  See you soon!


The Huebschs


Pricing 2021

U-Pick - $3.00/lb.

Pre-picked 5 lb. Flats  - $25

available for purchase only online at our website, berries will be listed for sale each morning. Click the button below to buy pre picked berries. 

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